Hearts That Care is the culmination of Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko's (Dr. Angi's) scholarly research with the George Washington University and her 15 years experience as a public educator. As a master teacher, champion of the tenderhearted and advocate of kindness, Dr. Orobko piloted two successful programs that led to the development of Hearts That Care.

Hearts That Care utilizes research-based practices, ARTbundanceā„¢ principles, and love to inspire and guide clients to create solutions, produce positive work/learning environments, and help individuals realize their dreams and purpose and who they are.


  • "Dr. Angi has truly transformed my life in the 2 years she has worked with me. I have found my voice to say, "no" to others so I can say "yes" to me. I am doing more of the things I want to do, finding balance in my life, and delving deeper into my spirituality. I deeply appreciate Dr. Angi's guidance and undivided attention to me. She truly listens not only to my words, but also to my heart. She truly is a Heart That Cares." ~ Peg C.

    "Dr. Angi made me aware of ways I can empower myself and others... Excellent presentation!!" ~ Erika R.

    "The workshop was interesting. I feel empowered!" ~ Allison G.

    " My daughter enjoyed the summer creativity program; she learned new ways to be express herself has been inspired to keep an art journal to empower herself." ~ Karen W.


Dr. Angela K. Orobko (Dr. Angi) is an anti-bullying expert, creativity and life coach, writer, educator, artist, and speaker who uses her talents to convey positive and inspiring messages to address bullying and other negative behaviors. Inspired by God and love, it is her personal mission to empower others to create and be the positive change they wish to see in themselves and the world.

She has multiple degrees and certifications including a Bachelors of Science degree in the field of biology (pre-med), a Master of Arts degree in the field of education. She earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from The George Washington University in 2009 as she published: AN EXAMINATION OF POLICIES, PROGRAMS AND STRATEGIES THAT ADDRESS BULLYING IN VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS. She is also published as a contributing writer and artist in Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life, a book written and compiled by Marney Makridakis (April, 2012).